Providing the finest care, service and innovation in orthotics and prosthetics has always been the philosophy and recognized achievement of Rehabs. Serving India starting from the State of Gujarat, incomparable access and unsurpassed professionalism are joined to offer the premier patient experience. Rehabs is a service company that specializes exclusively in practice management for orthotics and prosthetics. More than 80% of our services are customized, providing a full array of prosthetics (endoskeletal and exoskeletal systems, lower and upper limb) and orthotics (cervical, spinal, lower limb, knee outhouses, fracture bracing, pediatrics, shoes, foot orthoses and upper limb), all professionally fabricated and fit by certified practitioners. The practice of orthotics and prosthetics is a recognized allied health profession. The O & P profession exists for the primary purpose of assisting patients to maintain functional lives.

The orthotist and prosthetist shall be responsible for making the greatest possible effort to satisfy the patient’s orthotic or prosthetic requirements. The practitioner’s relationship with the patient and the manner in which the patient is served is the essential factor and character relating to the appropriate ethical professional conduct. The orthotist or prosthetist assumes specific responsibilities to the physician or other licensed health care prescriber, the patient, the public, associates, and to the profession itself. Rehabs recognizes these responsibilities, and discharges them with honor and integrity.

The team of O & P professionals at Rehabs is united in their dedication to improving the lives of their patients with exploration of maximum individual potentials and the latest cutting edge technology available worldwide. All members of the Rehabs team are devoted to aiding each individual rediscover their own independence and achieve their desired level of performance. THE PILLARS: commitment, quality and care underscore the fundamental distinction between Rehabs and all other O & P providers – extraordinary care is the benchmark of their highly skilled and experienced practitioners.

Our Mission

“To become the premier, private group practice in orthotics and prosthetics with the primary goal of quality care for our patients, and to create a team environment in which we work.”

Rehabs exists to enhance the quality of life by improving mobility and function for physically challenged individuals. We dedicate ourselves to provide the highest quality prosthetic and orthotic care, and educating our patients, the public, and other professionals about our services. We accept the challenge to develop new techniques and ideas that enhance the quality of life for those we serve by biomechanical principles and are dedicated to returning our patients to functional and productive lives. This will be achieved with our staff of dedicated professionals through education, training and involvement in our team, in our profession and in our community.

FREE Physio Therapy-Gait training is given with Prosthetic fitting, by Highly trained & qualified Physical Therapists, Prosthetist & physiotherapy assisted team, as Our family member.

What are the Prosthetics & Orthotics?

Prosthetics is the design, fabrication and fitting of custom-made artificial limbs or other types of assistive devices to restore, as completely as possible, the function and appearance of a full or partial missing limb for patients who have lost limbs as a result of traumatic injuries, vascular diseases, diabetes, cancer or congenital disorders.

Orthotics is the design, fabrication, fitting and supervised use of devices that support, correct or replace musculoskeletal functions lost through physical impairment. Musculoskeletal disorders are ailments of the back, extremities or joints caused by traumatic injuries, chronic conditions, diseases, congenital disorders or injuries resulting from sports or other activities.


Founded in Baroda, Gujarat in 1984, Rehabs has grown to be the largest private orthotic/prosthetic practice in the State of Gujarat. For over three decades, we have been committed to providing the highest quality care in orthotics and prosthetics to our patients.